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Sustainable graphite out of CO2

UP Catalyst secures a sustainable supply chain of graphite by giving the unwanted waste product a green purpose.

A critical raw material essential to the European market

Europe imports 98% of the graphite it uses with heavy dependency on China. Current graphite production comes with high pollution and emission costs to the environment with a global warming effect of 5.3 tCO2-eq per each ton of graphite produced.

Graphite supply map
Graphite powder

Our carbon negative solution

UP Catalyst has developed the first scalable technology in the world to produce sustainable graphite from industrial CO2​. This is a fundamental shift from traditional graphite producing technologies that are environmentally harmful and release enormous amounts of toxic emissions. It enables to produce graphite locally where the need is, e.g., close to the battery manufacturers, thus making graphite imports unnecessary.​

Graphite produced from CO2


Industrial exhaust CO2 is used as feedstock for the production of synthetic graphite. This CO2-grown material is a perfect replacement to conventional graphite which is currently mined or synthesized from crude oil.