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Second chance to secondary raw materials

Biowaste and CO2 are reprocessed into valuable carbon nanomaterials using our patented method.

1840 kg of CO2
is created to produce 1 kg of synthetic graphite via conventional production methods.
5 kg of CO2
is created to produce 1 kg of synthetic graphite via UP Catalyst production methods.

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Potential in almost every field

Since fullerenes were discovered in 1985, carbon nanotubes in 1991 and graphene in 2004, carbon nanomaterials have gained a lot of attention due to their unique properties. Today, carbon-based nanomaterials have already found their way into energy sector, agriculture, medicine, construction and more.

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Opportunity for free sample!

It is possible to request samples of biomass-based graphene-like carbon, CO2-based carbon nanofibers or other UP Catalyst products for free. Try out our materials in your research!*

*only for scientific researchers

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